Paragard Lawsuit & Paragard IUD Attorney

What is Paragard?

Paragard is an intrauterine medical device (or “IUD”). IUDs are widely used as contraceptives. They are marketed as easier to use, extremely effective and more inexpensive than other forms of birth control. Most importantly, IUDs are marketed as being readily removable, if a patient seeks to become pregnant in the future.

paragard lawsuit for paragard lawsuit iud attorney paragard iud lawsuits lawsuit for iud attorney pa njParagard was first approved in 1984 and has been widely produced and sold by Teva pharmaceuticals. Many IUDs work through the use of the type of hormones in birth control pills. Paragard, however, is marketed as using no hormones. Paragard is basically a small plastic device that is covered with copper. The copper causes a chemical reaction in a woman’s body that does not allow for fertilization. Paragard was eventually approved for temporary use, for up to ten years.

Do I Have a Paragard IUD Lawsuit Claim?

If you have had Paragard IUD implanted and have suffered one or more of the following complications, you may be entitled to compensation.

  1. Paragard IUD Breakage causing injury
  2. Paragard IUD Migration causing injury
  3. Inability to Retrieve or Remove Paragard IUD
  4. Paragard IUD Complications Requiring Surgical Intervention
  5. Ectopic Pregnancy

Have Paragard IUD Lawsuits Been Filed?

paragard lawsuit for paragard iud lawyer for iud lawyers for iud settlement paragard lawsuit for iudRecent lawsuits and studies claim that Paragard, notably the 380 product models, can cause serious complications and injuries. Specifically, the Paragard IUD can migrate through the body and/or become lodged or embedded in different parts of the body, such as the uterus. Another dangerous defect is that parts of the Paragard IUD allegedly break off and can cause perforation or damage to tissues and vital organs. This can not only make the Paragard IUD irretrievable, it can lead to serious invasive surgeries, including hysterectomy. Paragard is also claimed to be linked to ectopic pregnancies.

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Are You Impacted by the Numerous Pending Paragard Settlements? You May Be Entitled to Compensation.

lawsuit for paragard lawsuit attorneys paragard iud law firm lawsuit for paragard iud lawsuit iud lawsuitsIf you or a loved one have had Paragard IUD implanted and suffered an injury, it is strongly recommended that you seek counsel with our Paragard attorneys, who are experienced in Paragard IUD claims and injuries.

Stark & Stark Paragard attorneys are actively seeking Paragard IUD settlements and filing Paragard lawsuits against manufacturers on behalf of patients injured by these potentially defective devices.

Contact a Stark & Stark Paragard Lawyer to Assess Your Claim.

The Stark & Stark law firm is committed to holding drug and medical device manufacturers liable when their products improperly endanger the public. Our Paragard IUD lawyers are experienced in mass tort and class action litigation and in negotiating with medical device and pharmaceutical settlement representatives.

paragard iud lawsuit paragard lawsuits lawsuit iud paragard lawsuits paragard lawsuit iud lawsuit for iud paIf you or a member of your family has suffered injuries from Paragard, you may be entitled to compensation through the litigation process or via settlement.

Please contact Stark & Stark to speak with a Paragard IUD attorney, free of charge, who can help assess any claims that you may have and to help you to understand the Paragard settlement and lawsuit process. We specialize in Paragard IUD settlements, allow an experienced Paragard lawyer to help you today.

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