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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The attorneys in Stark & Stark’s Motorcycle Injury Group have the personal experience and understanding of what it’s like to be a rider and are dedicated to advocating for your rights. Boasting more than 100 attorneys, Stark & Stark is a full-service law firm offering a wide range of legal services for both business and individuals. Since our inception in 1933, the attorneys and staff of Stark & Stark have been committed to providing the highest quality legal representation to our clients.

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The Riders’ Lawyers

Stark & Stark’s Motorcycle New Jersey & Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers are quick to understand exactly what happened from a biker’s point-of-view. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to communicate with insurance companies, lawyers, and juries the details and dynamics of bike riding.

Since 1933, Stark & Stark has fought to protect the rights of others. Our Motorcycle Injury Group concentrates their practice in the areas of serious personal injuries and motorcycle accidents. Several of our attorneys are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorneys.



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Joel R. Rosenberg, Esq.

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Deborah S. Dunn, Esq.

Our Motorcycle Accident Services

Your life can change in an instant when you get into a crash on your motorcycle. If you suffer severe motorcycle accident injuries, you may suddenly face a pile of medical bills, miss time at work and feel a great deal of stress and worry about your future. Fortunately, you can turn to a lawyer who will understand your situation from a biker’s point of view.


The members of our Motorcycle Injury Group at Stark & Stark are highly experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers – and they are also riders themselves. They understand motorcycle riding, and they are passionate about protecting the rights of injured bikers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They can also draw on the resources of a law firm that features experienced attorneys in more than 30 practice areas. If someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer injuries in a motorcycle crash, contact us for immediate help with your claim. We can provide a free consultation about your case today.

Boasting one of the oldest law practices in New Jersey, Stark & Stark offers a full range of legal services for businesses and individuals. With experienced attorneys in more than 30 practice areas

Do You Need a Pennsylvania or New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorney? Our Lawyers Understand Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

When a car and motorcycle collide, the motorcycle rider rarely escapes unscathed. Most riders and passengers wear a helmet, goggles, gloves, leather coats, sturdy boots and other protective gear. Still, without the structural protection, air bags and seat belts that a vehicle provides, the motorcyclist is bound to suffer severe injuries.

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At Stark & Stark, our personal injury attorneys realize how these injuries impact a person’s life. We often work with motorcycle riders and passengers who suffer serious physical injuries such as:

  • Head and brain injuries (including concussions)
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Dental injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Severe or multiple fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Burns (including friction burns or “road rash”).

We also understand the emotional distress that motorcycle accidents cause. For instance, many riders who get into crashes with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emotional trauma can be as debilitating as the physical harm from a motorcycle wreck.The injuries that motorcycle riders and passengers suffer in crashes may require extensive medical treatment, including emergency care, surgery, medication, rehabilitation and ongoing physical and mental therapy. Our motorcycle injury lawyers know how expensive that treatment can be. We also realize how the situation can quickly become worse when a rider’s injuries prevent him or her from working and earning needed income.

If a motor vehicle driver’s negligence caused you to suffer these or other injuries – or if you were injured as a passenger on a motorcycle ridden by a negligent motorcyclists – you should not face the burden of medical expenses and lost wages. The negligent driver – or the driver’s insurance company – should fully and fairly compensate you for all of your harm.

At Stark & Stark, a Pennsylvania or New Jersey motorcycle attorney will work tirelessly to pursue that result for you. We won’t charge you any legal fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

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Why Choose a ‘Riders’ Lawyer’ for Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim?

Motorcyclists are not perfect. They can make mistakes that lead to crashes. However, as our legal team has seen, most car-motorcycle collisions result from the negligence of car, truck and other motor vehicle drivers.

As riders ourselves, we know how many of these drivers either refuse or simply don’t know how to share the road safely with motorcycle riders.

Examples of careless and reckless conduct that cause motorcycle wrecks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are drivers who:

  • Follow dangerously close behind motorcycles, or “tailgate” them
  • Fail to check mirrors and keep a lookout for motorcycles
  • Leave little to no room when they pass motorcycles
  • Fail to yield the right of way to motorcycles at intersections
  • Try to share or “split” a lane with motorcycles
  • Turn directly in front of motorcycles without using their signals.

We believe it is important to work with a personal injury lawyer who has first-hand knowledge of how to operate a motorcycle and understands the rules of the road, and the dynamics that motorcycle riding involves. The attorney will appreciate how the negligence of a vehicle driver puts motorcyclists and their passengers in danger. Above all, the lawyer will know how to communicate that point effectively to an insurance company or, if necessary, to a jury.

Insurance companies often try to shift blame for a motorcycle crash to the injured motorcyclist. In a bid to pay a lower amount of compensation or avoid paying anything, the insurer may claim that the motorcyclist’s own negligence caused or contributed to his or her injuries. A Pennsylvania and New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney from Stark & Stark will vigorously protect your rights as a motorcyclist. A licensed Pennsylvania or New Jersey motorcycle attorney will work hard to investigate and present the facts of your motorcycle wreck and challenge any attempt to place undue blame on you. We always strive for the best possible outcome for our clients

The Importance of Insurance for Motorcycle Riders

new jersey motorcycle accident lawyer pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorneys pa motorcycle accident lawyerIf a negligent motor vehicle driver causes you to suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you will typically seek a recovery through the driver’s liability insurance. However, if you are in a hit-and-run crash or in a wreck with a driver who has no insurance, you may need to turn to your own insurance coverage. This is also true if the driver who hit you has insurance that fails to fully cover all of your losses. At Stark & Stark, we will explore all sources of compensation available to you in your motorcycle accident injury claim, including the negligent driver’s insurance and your own uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage.

We realize that many motorcycle riders are unfamiliar with their insurance coverage and limits. That is why our motorcycle accident attorneys also offer a highly informative 20-to-30-minute presentation to local motorcycle clubs. The presentation discusses the differences between an automobile policy and a motorcycle policy as well as carrying proper and adequate insurance coverage.

If you are interested in this presentation for your own club, please contact our Law Firm Marketing Group at marketing@stark-stark.com. We would be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time for a member of our Motorcycle Injury Group to visit with your club and give this important presentation.

Were You Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash? We’re Here to Help You Recover Compensation

nj motorcycle accident lawyers pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorneys pa motorcycle accident lawyerIf you are a motorcycle rider or passenger who was injured in a collision with a negligent motor vehicle driver, you should act quickly to protect your legal rights. Contact the law firm of Stark & Stark today for a free consultation. For more than 80 years, we have protected the rights of accident and serious injury victims throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our Motorcycle Injury Group can go to work for you today. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in New Jersey and our motorcycle accident attorneys in Pennsylvania are standing by to help.

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney new jersey nj pa 2Yes. You must carry liability insurance to cover others who may be injured or damaged by your negligent operation of your motorcycle. Under New Jersey law, you must carry at least $15,000 in coverage for any one person and $30,000 for all persons, injured in an accident. We recommend that you purchase additional liability coverage up to $100,000/$300,000. This is particularly important due to the serious injuries a passenger on your motorcycle may suffer if you have an accident. We also recommend that you carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of $100,000/300,000. Please refer to the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Benefits Legal Guide for more information.

pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer new jersey nj pa 6If you purchase “collision” coverage your insurance will pay for the damage over and above your deductible. If another driver causes the damage to your bike you would have the option of presenting the claim to that driver’s insurance company if he or she had insurance. Many drivers fail to carry adequate coverage so we recommend you cover yourself with collision coverage and a deductible you can afford.

pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers pa nj new jersey attorney attorneys lawyerYou should purchase what is known as “comprehensive” coverage to cover your motorcycle for theft, fire and vandalism — common occurrences with motorcycles. Your insurance will pay the book value of the bicycle less a deductible or the value of the damage. Usually the deductible for fire damage is less than that for theft or vandalism.

new jersey motorcycle accident lawyer pa attorney attorneys lawyers in faq 5Probably not. Some policies provide coverage for up to $1,000 in options. You can purchase insurance coverage for all of your options by providing your insurance company with itemized proof of the chrome and extras and paying an additional premium.

pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyers nj new jersey attorney attorneys in pa faq section 11Immediately! You should report all accidents to your insurance company, broker or agent as soon as possible so that they are not in a position to deny any legitimate claim that you may have.

pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorneys in new jersey lawyers lawyer attorney pa image new 2Immediately! The laws regarding accidents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are increasingly complex and can be very confusing. Whenever you have been in an accident, as a driver or passenger, and have any questions, feel free to contact any of the accident attorneys at Stark & Stark – free of charge. Stark & Stark earns a fee only if money is collected on your behalf.

new jersey motorcycle accident attorney pa lawyer lawyers attorneys in Pennsylvania pic 34There is no automatic, standard medical payment provision with motorcycles as there is with private passenger automobiles. Most motorcycle insurance policies and agents do not offer medical bill coverage. However, some companies do offer the option to purchase $1,000.00, $2,500.00, and $5,000.00 for medical coverage. If you do not have this coverage, the answer to this question depends on the particular facts of your situation. If you are riding your own motorcycle or on a resident relative’s motorcycle when you are injured you have no medical coverage from any source OTHER THAN your personal health insurance. If you are riding on ANOTHER PERSON’S motorcycle and you also own a car with insurance then you are entitled to receive medical payments from a provision of your automobile insurance called “extended medical benefits”.

If you live with a relative who has his own automobile insurance you can also get the benefit of his extended medical benefits in addition to your own. All New Jersey automobile policies provide $1,000.00 in extended medical benefits and for an extra $1.00 premium that is increased to $10,000.00. Therefore, if you are injured on a friend’s motorcycle, you have your own car insurance, you live with a relative who has his own car insurance, and you both have the increased coverage, you will be entitled to $20,000.00 in medical insurance. If you are riding your own or a resident relative’s motorcycle, you will have no coverage from any source other than your own private health insurance unless you purchased medical coverage on your motorcycle.

nj motorcycle accident attorney pa in pennsylvania new jersey lawyer lawyers attorneys image linkCheck your policy. You should have what is called uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) coverage. You should be sure to carry the same limits for UM and UIM as your liability limits. This coverage is imperative since so many drivers fail to carry insurance or enough insurance. The greater liability limits you have will allow you to protect yourself with greater UM/UIM limits. Please refer to the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Benefits Legal Guide for more information.

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