Construction Accidents

The Stark & Stark Construction Accident practice regularly represents individuals who are involved in construction site accidents. Our attorneys are familiar with all the trades, and the types of work required and performed by each, and have represented both Union and non-Union general trade workers in obtaining outstanding recoveries. We believe it is because of our experience understanding relationships with the workers that we have been successful in this area of law.

If you are injured in a construction site accident, or as a result of changes on the job site, contact our construction accident team and our experienced attorneys will evaluate the condition which caused your injury. If necessary, we are prepared to consult experts in the field. We can then advise you of your legal rights and the potential remedies available to compensate you for your injury.

Construction Accident Injury Lawsuit Services

The Stark & Stark construction accident attorneys will fight to recover all the benefits you deserve. As a result of our experience in representing clients in construction injury matters and through careful assessment and preparation, our personal injury lawyers help victim’s families obtain cash settlements for injury, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Sometimes these positive outcomes are achieved only by going to trial. However, in many cases our lawyers are able to obtain favorable settlements outside of the courtroom, making the experience less stressful for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you better understand what’s involved in construction accident matters and important steps to follow to safeguard your safety and rights.

Construction Accidents

What Is a Construction Accident Case?

Construction accident cases fall within the area of the law which addresses the rights of injured workers who are engaged in commercial or residential construction where there is more than one contractor working at the site.

Why Does There Have to Be More Than One Contractor Working at the Site to Bring This Type of Case?

The law does not permit injured workers to sue their employer or a co-employee. Work place injuries give rise to workers’ compensation claims, but if the work place injury is caused by the negligent conduct of a different contractor, the injured workers can sue that contractor.

Can an Injured Worker Receive Workers’ Compensation and Bring a Construction Accident Lawsuit?

Yes. The injured worker would receive benefits from their employer and could sue the negligent “third-party” contractor.

When Is a Third-Party Contractor Liable?

The contractor will be held liable if the company fails to comply with the regulations published by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) which govern workplace safety.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured at a Construction Site?

Contact the construction accident attorneys at Stark & Stark. Our experienced lawyers and, if necessary, consulting experts, will evaluate the condition which caused your injury. We can then advise you of your legal rights and the potential remedies available to compensate you for your injury.

How Do I Take Steps to Assert My Rights to a Safe Workplace?

If you feel that your workplace is unsafe, your first action should be to make your supervisor aware of the danger, then follow up in writing. If you are still unsuccessful in getting the safety hazard corrected, you can file a complaint at the nearest OSHA office. You can refer to OSHA’s website at for more information.

If I File a Complaint Against My Employer to OSHA, Can My Employer Take Any Action Against Me?

Your employer cannot retaliate or discriminate against you for filing a complaint to OSHA. This includes denying you a raise, decreasing your hours or pay, or transferring or firing you, among other actions. OSHA provides protection against these types of activities, known as “whistleblower” protection. To preserve your rights, you must file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of the retaliatory or discriminatory action.


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