Stark & Stark Shareholder Can Comment on Lewis v. Harris

The Supreme Court of New Jersey today will issue a decision in Lewis v. Harris, in which the plaintiffs seek full marriage rights for same-sex couples. The plaintiffs, seven gay and lesbian couples who applied for and were denied marriage licenses, argue that the state violated their rights to privacy and equal protection under the New Jersey Constitution.

Stark & Stark Shareholder John Eory has followed the Lewis v. Harris case through the New Jersey Courts and is able to discuss the implications that the New Jersey Supreme Court's decision will have on the institution of marriage.

John Eory can be reached at 609-895-7284 and will also respond to 609-468-5626 (cell).

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Download MP3s of Stark & Stark Shareholder John Eory discussing the Court's decision in Lewis v. Harris and its implications.

What Did The New Jersey Supreme Court Hold in Lewis v. Harris? (MP3 - :45)

What Is The Importance Of This Decision? (MP3 - :32)

What Will The Lewis v. Harris Decision Mean to Marriage? (MP3 - :30)

Contact John Eory (MP3 - :19)